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Elvis Impersonators Around The World

Appreciation for the legacy of Elvis

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Elvis Impersonators
Fans of Elvis impersonators
Fans of Elvis

Elvis Impersonators span the globe. They fake appearances and try to fool the unsuspecting person that Elvis really is alive. In the hearts of the impersonators, he is! I'm glad that Elvis's legacy still lives on and that many people are eager to keep his name alvie(as if it would die!)

My inspiration for this community:
At Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, I went to see one of the most amazing impersonators of the younger Elvis. His name is Scot Bruce. I was so awe struck by his resemblence to the King and his ability to act and sound almost exactly like the real thing. Here is Scot at one of his performances at Disneyland:

Elvis has left the building.

Please don't explain to me why Elvis is dead, we already know that!

If you like Elvis, or just elvis impersonators, please let your voice be heard. I met a wonderful impersonator by the name of Scot Bruce. He is amazing!